Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Strawberry Lollies/Kulfi

 Yesterday, after winding up all my work for the day i opened the fridge to have a glass of milk before sleep. An unopened 600ml of  single cream pot was sitting idle and luckily i noticed this on its 'Use By' date. How on earth did i miss this?

I was too tired to make any time consuming recipes using single cream. Thanks Louisa for reminding me to use my lolly makers. I followed  your recipe by replacing yogurt with single cream, honey with caster sugar and skipped the bananas. I had to make this to avoid 600ml of single cream going down the drain. My recipe was a quickie and the results were amazing.

Ingredients :

Caster sugar - 1/2 cup
Strawberry Juice concentrate - 2 tbsps
Fresh strawberries - As u please
Single Cream - 600 ml

I highly recommend the healthy ingredients from Louisa's page for this recipe Strawberry and banana yoghurt pops

Preparation method:
 Simply whisk all the ingredients until the sugar is dissolved, pour in lolly makers and set to freeze

My version tasted like Indian Kulfis. We really enjoyed it! It was a trip down the memory lane to our childhood days.


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