Thursday, 1 August 2013

Strawberry Preservation Fundas - Winner Announcement

  First of all i would like to thank the participants of my first ever event. The Winner of this event is Louisa  of Chezfoti for the recipe 'Strawberry and banana yogurt pops'. Congratulations!

Yogurt Lollies

Here is my version of your recipe Strawberry Lollies/Kulfi

A special thanks to Gayathri of Gajus kitchen for making this lovely Strawberry yogurt parfait  for this event

Strawberry Yogurt Parfait

Louisa in your post you mentioned that you are moving to the UK .As a resident of  UK and a UK blogger i would like to welcome you to the  UK with this hand-crafted crown with strawberries and strawberry leaves. Congratulations once again and thanks for Participating!


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Louisa, Chez Foti said...

Thanks so much for crowning my strawberry pops with the Strawberry Preservation Fundas! I'm truly honoured. And thank you for welcoming me to the UK, I'm currently here on a mad crazy 4 day unpacking and organising mission!