Monday, 29 July 2013

Strawberry Juice with Tender coconut water

Until i moved to the UK, i used to start off my day with tender coconut water. It helped to reboot  my digestional system every morning ,refreshingly. I miss the fresh tender coconuts very much as we don't get it  here except selected areas. I stock up the tinned tender coconut water but not happy with the taste. My better half surprised me with the whole tender coconut, whenever he spots it he buys it without hesitation.

 In India it is so easily available that it's widely used for medicinal purposes apart from being just a health drink.  I need a huge space to write about the goodness of tender coconut water . To cut the long story short, tender coconut is the best gift provided by mother nature to reduce body heat. My experiment of making a sugar free strawberry juice with tender coconut is a big success.

Whole tender coconut - 1
Strawberry juice extract (sugarfree) - 1 tbsp

    Extract the tender cocnut water from the whole tender coconut

 Preparation Method:

               In a pint glass pour the tender coconut water ,add a tbsp of strawberry juice extract and stir well. Silly me to write a post on mixing strawberry juice extract with tender cocnout water but the point here is to explain how to make juices with naturally occuring sugar and i felt this is a great combination.

My plan was to make a sugar free  strawberry smoothie with tender coconut water but i changed my plan as i prefer to drink tender coconut water in  watery form. British strawberries with an Indian tender coconut, a perfect drink for an Indian Summer in Britain!

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