Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Homemade Strawberry Icecream(Low Calorie Version)

When someone says Icecreammm........Yum is the feeling ! I love icecreams but commercially made ones has so much of fat. Making icecream at home is not as difficult as i thought.I've cut down the fatty stuff going into the ice-cream making  process to my convenience.No condensed milk , no cream , no eggs, no churning ... yet delicious icecream.


Strawberries - 30( Only half of these should be sufficient )

Vanilla essence - few drops
Instant Custard Powder - 1 sacket
Sugar - 100gms
Whole milk - 1/2 pint

Wash the strawberries ,hull them ,blend and make strawberry puree.Sieve the puree using a muslin cloth to remove the seeds or leave the seeds as such according to your preference.

Preparation Method:

     Prepare the custard base by following the instructions here Custard base with the exception of using  just 1/2 the amount of milk . The custard should be thick enough for this recipe.Once the custard base is ready add the pureed strawberries.

Whisk gently when the custard is still hot and boil for a couple of minutes until the sugar is dissolved .

Cool it down and transfer to a freezer safe bowl and close it with the lid. I froze it overnight but a good 4 hours should be fine.

As soon as i woke up , went straight to the freezer to check the outcome.Tried scooping it up curiously.The texture was fine and smooth.

Finally the tasting session . No words ................i was flying sky-high out of joy. So smooth , creamy and yummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My journey of icecream making is not going to end here...........

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Gajus kitchen said...

Icecream using Custard powder looks creamy and yummy.The last click is awesome.