Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Strawberry and Lychee Pudding

 My favourite dessert is Lychee icecream , i used to order it from icecream parlours,restaurants and they mostly serve the tinned ones. The tinned ones are pitted , peeled and you don't get an opportunity to see the whole fruit. I was clueless how fresh lychee looks, until  i bought fresh lychees in commercial street , Bangalore. Lychee is a perfect fruit for any pudding and my experiment of coupling it with strawberries didn't fail to please me.

 Lychees -  1 punnet
Strawberries - 1 punnet
Granulated sugar - 1/2 cup
Semolina - 1 dsp (please note dsp is larger than a teaspoon and smaller than a tablespoon)

 Pit ,peel and slice the lychees into small pieces.Skip this step if you use the tinned ones. Wash , hull and mash  the strawberries

Preparation Method:
 In a saucepan add the  mashed strawberries and  sliced lychees and bring it to a boil for a couple of minutes. Now scatter the fine semolina over it and keep stirring continuously until the semolina is cooked . This process takes about 5 minutes.Semolina tends to form lumps if unchecked and hence the stirring part plays a key role . Add the sugar and bring it to a boil until the sugar dissolves.

 Make sure that the total cooking time does not exceed 10 minutes as overcooking spoils the consistency and taste. Can be served hot or cold.


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