Thursday, 18 July 2013

Strawberry Trifle

Picking the strawberries from my garden is a back-breaking work . I was too tired to make any preservations and happily packed away these berries to my friends and neighbours.

As soon as i handed some of  these berries to my neighbour , he said wow! i'll have it with some cream. That reminded me to make a strawberry recipe with cream.

Extra thick double cream - 150 ml
Honey-soaked strawberries - 1/4 of a bowl
Chocolate swiss roll  - 4 slices
Fresh strawberries  for decoration - 8 (optional)

Yesterday i soaked some strawberries in honey and  i've used it instead  of jelly to form the first layer . Form the second layer with with swiss roll and scoop up the extra thick double cream to form the third layer.Decorate with a fresh strawberry on top for each serving. I haven't whipped the cream with caster sugar as there enough sweetness in the honey soaked strawberries.You can do it according to your preference.

I kept away from using cream because of the calories involved. Everyone deserves occasional treats and this trifle made with extra thick double cream is one such treat!

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Gajus kitchen said...

who can so no to strawberry and cream..looks cute and yum with those honey soaked strawberries