Friday, 26 July 2013

Strawberry Jam

Every year i make batches of strawberry jam to give it to my friends and family who miss out the fresh berries from my garden. For all you loved ones , I was too lazy to write a post every time you ask me for this recipe and here's the perfect opportunity during the strawberry season to share it with you. I can call myself a jam queen as i' ve tried and tested this recipe for the past few years . The jam i make during this season stays fresh until next season , ofcourse by refrigerating.I don't use any preservatives in the jam making process. Though i'm having fun experimenting different strawberry recipes , none of those requires hundreds of strawberries.

I've just  listed the ingredients below as i made batches of jam in huge quantity :
Fresh lime

The ratio guidelines for you to make small quantity:
Sugar should be added in a 1:1 ratio on  kg basis . For example if you are using 1/2 a kg of strawberries 1/2 a kg of sugar is required. Fresh lime should be used in a 2:1 basis say for example 1 lime should be used for 1/2 a kg of strawberries.


   Wash and hull the strawberries . I didn't slice as the quantity was huge but slicing will help if you make small quantity .

 Cooking Method:
    Follow the Steps 1 through 4 from Strawberry Juice Concentrate by skipping Step 2. The  final step is to  slice the fresh lime and filtering the juice to add to the jam.

Cool the jam and transfer to sterilised air-tight preservation jam bottles. Keep refrigerated.

Make sure only dry spoon is used every time you use the jam and close the lid tight. Always leave some space between the neck of the bottle and the lid. Avoid touching it by hand. Keep checking the status of the jam every few months. The jam made this way stays for an year if you follow the instructions carefully.


Rachel Cotterill said...

This looks awesome :) I've never made jam, but I'm hoping there will be enough blackberries this year that I can give it a go (for free!). Our strawberries are all the tiny, alpine kind - so good straight from the plant, that none of them ever make it back to the kitchen.

kumars kitchen said...

oh this is just what we do during summer, your jam looks such a gorgeous red,loved the click with it inside the mason jars,yummm :-)

Gajus kitchen said...

Jam looks lovely ..send me one bottle:-)