Monday, 8 July 2013

Strawberry Jelly

I'm going crazy with the strawberries and want to try strawberry recipes around the world. Needless to say strawberry jelly is on the list. It didn't take very long to prepare this .Initially it was a bit runny  and my neighbour gave me easy idea to fix it . Thanks to her now i feel confident to make fruit jellies.


Caster Sugar - 200 gms
Water - 1 pint + 1/2 cup to dissolve gelatin
Strawberries - 200 gms
Powdered Gelatin - 1 sacket(11 gms)

Pre-Requisites :
Remove the green stalks of strawberries , wash it and make a puree with the help of a blender. I didn't seive the strawberry seeds of the puree. You can do it for more smooth texture.

Preparation Method:

In a large saucepan boil a pint of water by adding the caster sugar for a couple of  minutes . At this point add the strawberry puree and stir gently.I've added some strawberry chunks which is completely optional.

 Keep stirring until the sugar is dissolved by bringing to a boil. Switch the stove off and allow it to cool.

In a separate bowl add 1/4 cup hot water and add the powdered gelatin to it . Keep stirring until the gelatin is dissolved completely.
 Please carefully follow these instructions for making Jelly.
1. Always add gelatin to liquid and not the other way round
2.Never allow gelatine mixure to boil

Add the dissolved gelatin to the sugar and strawberry mix in the saucepan and mix thoroughly with a large spoon.Transfer this liquid into jelly moulds and refrigirate it for  a good 2 hours. If it turns out runny you can add some more gelatin .

Lessons Learnt:
The mistake i made was not dissolving the gelatin well and it ended  up a bit runny. My neighbour gave me an idea to add some more gelatin. I did and it turned out to a  proper jelly again.

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