Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Event Announcement - Strawberry Preservation Fundas

Strawberries are my most favourite berries . My garden is loaded with hundreds of these lovely berries every year. I'm tired of following the routine preservation recipes like jam, juice concentrates etc... I've kept my blog private and shared it with only my friends and family . Now my blog is open for anyone to view , I would like to invite our innovative fellow bloggers to come up with Strawberry Preservation Fundas!

I'm hoping to get variety of preservation techniques and the collected recipes will be my treasure to preserve my organic strawberries in the years to come by.

This is the first ever event i'm hosting and my honest attempt to preserve the strawberries.When i say hundreds i really mean it. Check out the first basket of strawberries from my garden and help me preserve these healthy berries..............


Letz have the rules for more fun:

1. No bakes please
2. The main ingredient should be strawberries
3. You should link back this event annoucement page in your blog
4. Use of event annoucement logo is compulsary
5. I have a copyright in place but allowing the event announcement logo to be used in your blog/site.By participating in the event you agree to use the images of your recipe in the round-up and announcements.
6. Please use the link-up tool to link your entries
7.Fresh entries are welcome. If you want to link up archived entries please make sure you display the logo and link to this page 
8.If you find any difficulties please leave a comment with your email and i'll contact you to get it sorted. I'll make sure your email is not displayed .
9. Step-by-step picture illustrations are most welcome
10. Winner will get an innovative e-award from me to display on their blog/site!

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