Wednesday, 17 July 2013

No Bake Leftover Strawberry Cake

Half a dozen digestive biscuits were waiting for any takers at my snack section, a little chunk of butter and a bar of milk chocolate were nearing it's Best Before End date.Half a bottle of last year's preserved strawberry jam was sitting idle in the fridge . I've also had a bowl of fresh homegrown strawberries left after trying out some strawberry recipes. Though my initial plan was to make Strawberry cheesecake , i ended up making this to avoid any wastage of food. When i made this innovative leftover cake and offered it to my hubby as a tea-time snack he asked me where did u buy it?

Digestive biscuits -6
Strawberry jam - 1/2 bottle
Butter  - a chunk (Approximately 50 gms)
Milk  chocolate - 1 bar
Fresh strawberries - a bowl (approximately 1 punnet)

 Step 1:

Crush the digestives in a blender and add butter . Microwave it for a minute to melt the butter and mix thoroughly

 Step 2:
Create the crushed biscuits and butter base in a cake tin or a springform pan

Step 3:
Melt the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl for 1 and a half minute

Step 4:

Pour the melted chocolate over the first layer . I had to scatter it as the chocolate was not sufficient to form a layer of chocolate

 Step 5 :
Spread  the strawberry jam on top . After spreading the jam it covered just half the cake and i decided to make only half the cake and formed another layer by folding the base layer of the cake.Luckily i decided before it sets.

Step 6 :
Wash ,hull and slice the strawberries in half  and form this fresh fruit layer of the cake with the sliced strawberries

It was too embarrasing to click this half cake ..........

Step 7:
 Set in the fridge for 2 hours by covering  the lid

The final click speaks for itself, the results were outstanding !

   As i made this cake with homegrown strawberries and other leftovers and  saving a  lot of  money in terms of energy usage by not baking.

Sending this  to  Kate's No Waste Food Challenge hosted  this month by Elizabeth 

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Credit Crunch Munch

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Elizabeth S said...

This is avoiding food waste at its best! I love these kind of throw together recipes. Thank you for sharing with both the No Waste Food Challenge and Credit Crunch Munch!