Monday, 24 June 2013

Oilver's Picnic - A picnic for a good cause

Yesterday we invited a couple to our house. We also came to know about the fundraising event 'Oliver's Picnic' through  our friends falling on the same day. It was also  coinciding with the last day of the  'National Picnic Week'  so we  decided to take our guest for a picnic and wanted to have a three-in-one picnic.

I started cooking with so much of enthusiasm.  I cooked everything in the menu except Tortillas(readymade) for 4 of us and our little one.This was the menu i planned for the picnic.
 I've linked my previous posts for some recipes .Was too busy cooking and missed out taking pictures of some and will be posting a few soon.

Salads :
Coleslaw salad -
Lettuce and cucumber salad with stuffed olives(All i've done for this recipe was just chopping and decorating)

Masal Vadai (Channa dhal Fritters)

Main Meal :

Peas Pulao
Chettinad Mutton Masala -
Balti Chicken Curry -

Fruit Custard -
Carrot Halwa

It was a big relief for me after cooking everything on time.

Before talking more about Oliver's Picnic. Let me explain  who is Oliver and why a picnic on his name?

Oliver Scholes is a toddler who passed away sadly last year at 2 years of age  because of  haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis and his parents hosted  'Oliver's Picnic'  in memory of him  as a fundraising for  'The Histiocytosis Research Trust' . To know more please visit

When we were about to start packing for the picnic, it started downpouring. We didn't want our guest to feel uncomfortable having their lunch drenching  in heavy rain and decided to have our picnic meal at home.  That didn't stop us going to the picnic. We packed some crisps & juice and headed to 'Oliver's Picnic' to celebrate the National Picnic Week' for a good cause.

The rain has stopped for a while when we reached there.The entry fee was very much affordable £1 per adult and just 50p per child which included a free drink too.

There were  lot of games for children.

It started downpouring again.

We went inside an eatery to escape rain and had some yummy snacks.

A newspaper has reported, despite the rain 1000 people attended 'Oliver's Picnic ' yesterday raising £5000

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What a great charity event. Well done you for getting involved. Your curry picnic sounds delicious. Thanks so much for entering Four Seasons Food.

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