Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Blackberry Jam

Jam comes in handy when i feel lazy to cook. I always buy it from the stores and stock it.Never thought that i wud be able to do a homemade jam. Usually jam is made by adding lot of preservatives but i don't prefer to add any preservative. I had lot of blackberries from my garden. Literally had no idea of what to do with it and ended up making jam.

Ingredients :

Blackberries - 500 gms
Sugar - 1 kg
Lemon juice - 50 ml
Water - 50 ml

Jam making process:

Add water and blackberries into a heavy pan and boil it in medium heat for 10 mins. The fruits become softer, at this stage add the lemon juice and sugar and keep stirring until the fruit pulp turns into a jam like consistency. Make sure the jam is not watery. If you don't prefer to have the seeds, use a muslin cloth and filter the fruit pulp before adding sugar.

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