Sunday, 26 October 2008

Laddu & Ribbon Pakoda

In my last post i've shared the images of these made by
my mom, the recipes are here....



Gram flour - 1 kg
Oil - 1 lr
Ghee - 1 cup
Sugar - 1.5 kgs
Cardamom - 15 gms
Cashewnuts - 100 gms
Raisins - 50 gms

Method of Cooking:

For laddu we need to make bhoondhi and sugar syrup
separately first.

Bhoondhi Preparation:

Mix 1 kg of gram flour in 1.3 lrs of water in a large bowl.
Heat the oil in a pan,hold the large flat spoon with holes on one hand
and pour the gram flour mix on the other hand in the oil.Fry it and
keep it aside.

Sugar Syrup Preparation:

Add 1.5 kgs of sugar with 1.5 litres of water in a bowl and
heat it with medium heat.Add 2 tsps of ghee. Keep stirring for
15 mins.

Now heat remaining ghee in a pan, add cashews & raisins
into it and fry for a min.In the sugar syrup add the bhoondis,fried
dry fruits and cardamom.Make it like small balls when it is hot and
allow it to cool for an hr. Laddu is ready!
Ribbon Pakoda


Gram flour - 1/2 kg
Sesame seeds - 2 tsps
Rice flour - 1 kg
Butter - 100 gms
Red chillies - 50 gms
Garlic cloves - 10
salt - 2 tsps
oil - 1 lr

Method of Cooking:

Making the dough is the toughest part in this recipe.
Mix 1 kg of rice flour with 1/2 kg of gram flour by adding 2.5 cups
of water and add all the other remaining ingredients listed above.
Knead it for about 10 mins and make the dough.Once it is ready
heat oil in a pan and make the pakoda with the dough in the desired

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